Selecting An Air Conditioner For Your Home: Packaged Vs. Split System!

Most homeowners have a tough time selecting the right HVAC system for their homes, primarily because there are a wide range of choices in the market. Air conditioners and HVAC systems are most-used appliances in any home, and it only makes sense to think of the purchase as an investment. There are two basic choices – package HVAC units and Split systems. If you are confused about if roof mounted air conditioning and other options, here’s a look at the pros and cons.

The basics at a glance

 The HVAC or air conditioning unit usually has a lot of components, and in case of package HVAC unit, everything is factory assembled in the same unit. The unit must be installed properly as a whole system, and the extra work is all about ensuring that the duct system is created as required. On the other hand, split systems can be installed anywhere and have different components that must be installed separately.

What’s better for your home?

It really depends on what you are looking for, and both have a few pros and cons. In case of package HVAC units, the main focus is on the ducts, but these systems can be affected by sun and weather elements, because these are always installed on the roof. Split systems, on the other hand, are installed on the site, and you can choose to get the configurations done as effectively as possible to match the required needs of your home. With split systems, the main concern is the installation, and if that’s not done right, the performance of the HVAC system can be compromised.

Other aspects to know

If you want to get split systems, make sure that you hire the most reliable installation service in business. The best companies and AC repair services can also offer guidance on the kind of system that may work ideally for your home, and they will ensure that the installation is done right, so that there are no additional issues. When it comes to any kind of AC installation, get the estimate in advance and ask about warranty, because this kind of job doesn’t need any extra attention for at least a year of two.

No matter whether you choose a packaged unit or split system, consider the long-term nee

ds and maintenance aspects in detail. Compare the brands and make sure that the installation is done right.

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